Privacy policy

SPLAT TIM is an application created by Markus Riegel. I take your privacy seriously and would like to explain to you what data this app gathers and what it’s used for.

1. Subject of this data privacy statement

This data privacy statement applies to all services of SPLAT TIM, which are the SPLAT TIM website, the SPLAT TIM Action for Google Assistant und the SPLAT TIM Skill for Amazon Alexa. The privacy statement regulates how I handle your personal data.

2. Gathering and using data and transmitting it to third parties

a. Data gathered with the use of the SPLAT TIM

b. Scope of the processing and use of personal data.

I use personal data to

I might draw upon your data to communicate with you. For example to provide information about the review status of SPLAT TIM or updates to the services.

c. Newsletter

In so far not already admissible in accordance with the foregoing provisions, I shall only send you the newsletter by email, containing up-to-date information, new features of SPLAT TIM or futhermore interesting services in connection to SPLAT TIM only following prior subscription via the SPLAT TIM website. Within the scope of the registration you agree to you data being processed for the purpose of sending emails. You, moreover, agree that data on your user behaviour (namely the opening and clicking of links provided in the e-mail) is gathered and processed by me, in order to thereby match the content of the bulk emails with your requirements, e.g. if you click multiple times on links on a topic I may take this into account in future bulk emails. Should you subsequently no longer wish to receive a newsletter from SPLAT TIM, you can unsubscribe at any time. You find a link to unsubscribe in every newsletter. Or send an email with your request to and I’ll remove you from the list.

3. The transmission of personal data

a. SPLAT TIM transmits your data in the following scope: I cooperate with providers who create and compile statistics, as well as with providers of IT services (e.g. computing centers, providers of hosting, security, database services). Such technical service provides only have access to your data to the extends that is necessary for fulfilling their task. The technical service providers are obliged to handle your data in line with this data privacy statement and the applicable data privacy laws.

b. In addition, I transmit your personal data to third parties in so far as you have explicitly consented to such transmission, in regard to which I will inform you on the purpose of passing on the data and the use of it by the third party/third parties.

c. Except for the cases outlined in Clauses 3a and 3b, I do not transmit your data to third parties. Exceptions apply

4. Third parties used by SPLAT TIM

a. Actions for Google I use Actions for Google to invoke an action to fulfill the request that you provided by using Google Assistant. Google Assistant and Actions for Google are products by Google. You can find the privacy statement of Google at

b. Amazon Alexa I also use Amazon Alexa to invoke a skill to fulfill the request that you provided by using Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a product by Amazon. You can find the privacy statement of Amazon at

c. Dialogflow In addition, I use Dialogflow to convert your input into Actions and Parameters using machine learning. Dialogflow analyzes what you said or wrote and helps SPLAT TIM to repond in the most useful way. The data transmitted by Dialogflow to SPLAT TIM contains no persistent identifiers. Dialogflow is a subsidiary of Google. You can find out more about Dialogflow privacy and terms at

d. AWS (Amazon Web Services) I use AWS to process the input provided by Dialogflow and Amazon Alexa. This input is used to filter data collected from the API and return useful information. AWS is a subsidiary of, Inc. or a company affiliated with the latter (“”). You can obtain further information in the data privacy provisions of AWS at

e. Firebase In addition, I use Firebase for hosting the SPLAT TIM website. Firebase is a subsidiary of Google. You can find the privacy statement of Google at

f. Mailchimp I use MailChimp to administer a database with e-mail addresses, as well as to send e-mails. The service administers data when an e-mail that I have sent was read, or when links contained in it were opened. MailChimp is a service of Rocket Science Group LLC. You can find further information on MailChimp at

5. Deletion of data

If your data is no longer required for the above-mentioned purposes or on other legal grounds, it is deleted.

7. Questions

You can request and receive information on the data stored with SPLAT TIM by you at any time. If you have any questions on the data privacy principles, please get in touch with me at: