User says… Splat Tim does it
“Open Splat Tim” Start talking to Splat Tim
“Show me the current stages for ranked battles” List the current stages for ranked. Can also be used for regular and league
“Show me all current stages” This will give you an overview for the current stage of all three modes
“Show me every upcoming stage for league battles” A long list of all upcoming stages for league battles. Also available for regular and ranked
“How long do I have to wait to play zones in ranked mode?” Tells you how long you have to wait for splat zones to become available for ranked. Works for all game types. For ranked and league
“When can I play Salmon Run?” Tells you if or when Salmon Run is available next, on which map and with what weapons.
“What items are available in the shop?” Lists all items that you can order on SplatNet
“Who won the last Splatfest in North America?” Shows the result of the last SplatFest in North America. Also works for Europe and Japan.
“When is the next Splatfest in Europe?” Checks if there is info available on an upcoming Splatfest in Europe. Also works for North America and Japan.
“When can I play on the Reef?” Search for the stage in the schedule.